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Buffalo Centre for the treatment of eating disorders: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa

About Buffalo Centre for the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Buffalo Centre offers intensive outpatient programs designed to help clients with eating disorders so they do not have to enter a hospital for treatment. Across Western New York there are hundreds of individuals who are struggling with their eating disorder. Way too often this life-threatening illness is ignored, or receives little or no effective treatment. Buffalo Centre is the only comprehensive therapeutic day eating disorder treatment facility in Western New York providing effective life-altering treatment for Eating Disorders.

Buffalo Centre helps those suffering from eating disorders live resilient and confident lives. Our eating disorder treatment plans have been both clinically and educationally developed with each individual's disorder and age in mind. Our goal is to help each individual unwrap the intricate issues of the disease and lessen their concerns for their own future by providing an environment that empowers them to grow beyond their illness.

Unlike some treatment programs, Buffalo Centre's comprehensive approach blends evidence-based and best-practice Eating Disorders treatment for those who are looking to make real changes in helping to insure a healthier and happier future for themselves. From individual to group sessions, from nutrition education to respectful monitoring and guidance, our approach provides an effective plan for creating immediate and long-lasting change.

Meet Our Eating Disorder Treatment Professionals:

Tracy Welschoff, Ph.D.

Tracy Welchoff, Ph.D. -
Executive Director

Sheila Flavin. M.S., R.D.-

Beth Schupp -
Office Manager/Intake Coordinator

Dalinda Condino, MD -
Medical Consultant

Barbra Lesh, MD -
Medical Director/Psychiatrist

Beth Ellen Hancock, LMHC -
Assistant Clinical Director

Emily Becker, MSW -
Primary Therapist

Christine Frank, MSW -
Primary Therapist

Savannah Lewis -
Kitchen Supervisor

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