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How Do I Know If It’s
an Eating Disorder?

This list is by no means exhaustive, and eating disorder sufferers generally do not show all of these symptoms. Weight may be average, above, or below average. It is not always (or even usually) possible to tell if someone has an eating disorder just by appearance. A thorough evaluation by a trained professional is necessary to make a diagnosis, assess the severity, and help formulate a treatment plan. The Primary Care Provider is an excellent person to consult, and the professional staff at the Buffalo Centre for the Treatment of Eating Disorders is always happy to help with assessment, treatment planning, treatment, and referrals. All inquiries are welcome and will be handled promptly and confidentially.

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Things you may notice:

• Preoccupation with food, calories, weight
• Distorted body image (seeing oneself as fat when not overweight)
• Disappearing at mealtimes or only eating alone
• Food rituals (such as cutting food into tiny pieces or making strange food mixtures)
• Constipation/diarrhea/bloating
• Sensitivity to cold
• Sleep disturbance/ fatigue
• High caffeine intake
• Sore throat/ chest pain
• Secretive behavior
• Mood changes
• Compulsive exercise
• Preoccupation with cooking for others but not eating
• Extremely limited food variety
• Hoarding food
• Avoiding (or severely limiting) entire food groups, such as fats or carbs
• Wearing baggy clothing

Medical Signs of an Eating Disorder:

• Weight loss or dramatic weight fluctuation
• Restlessness/ inability to sit still or chronic low energy
• Irregular or absent menstrual periods
• Dry skin
• Growth or thickening of hair on arms, cheeks, or other unusual areas
• Thinning hair on the head
• Easy bruising
• Dizziness, Light-headedness, or fainting
• Dental problems and/or bad breath
• Scrapes on the knuckles
• Broken facial blood vessels
• Puffy cheeks

Eat-26 Self Test

Eating disorder Treatment can be successful. They require the help of qualified Eating Disorder professionals. If you notice these warning signs in yourself or someone you care about, it is important to seek help. Call us at 716.276.6939

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