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Eating Disorder Treatment and Admission Process

Please note that if you are considering an admission into our Treatment Program it is important to contact our Intake Coordinator prior to completeing the forms listed below. If you are interested in obtaining admission to our Treatment Program please click here to follow
Our Five Step Admissions Process.

Initial Information Forms:

Click here to complete the
Initial Information Form

Pre-Treatment Evaluation Forms:

In order to complete our Pre-Treatment Evaluation form you will need to contact our Intake Coordinator to receive a password.

Intake Coordinator
(716) 276-6939

Upon retrieval of your password
click on link listed below.

Pre-Treatment Evaluation

Treatment Evaluation Forms:

Click here to complete the
Treatment Evaluation Form

If you have questions about any of these forms, or are unable to complete these forms online please contact our Intake Coordinator
at 716-276-6939.

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